The finely crafted English furniture which has become a trademark of Phil O’Mahony’s business is carefully selected with skill and exceptional understanding of the needs of the discerning collector. This knowledge is adapted to the unique requirements of each client.

For almost 300 years craftsmen have recognised the limitations of working with solid timber. It is prone to shrinkage, splitting, warping and twisting. Solid wood furniture is particularly vulnerable to a variable climate.

Unfortunately, the atrocious mass-produced furniture has led to the popular misconception that anything veneered must, therefore, be of inferior quality. The truth is, most great masterpieces that are treasured by museums and highly sought after by discerning collectors, are of veneered construction.

The most highly prized cuts from a special tree are often the burrs. These are invariably full of tiny imperfections, brittle and unworkable. When cut into veneers they can be skillfully used by a fine cabinet maker. Careful matching of the veneer allows the halving, quartering and numerous other decorative effects impossible to achieve using solid timber.

Mahogany, Yew, Burr Elm and Walnut with cross-brandings of exotic hardwoods such as Satinwood, Rosewood, Tulip and Ebony are used for stylish furniture, The attention to quality and the aesthetic appeal of each piece of furniture is evident in the selection of carefully matched veneers, intricate inlays, mouldings, hand carvings and solid brass fittings. The processes are those used in traditional French Polishing but with the advantage of modern lacquers which are tougher and harder than those used in the eighteenth century.

Phil O’Mahony’s corporate designs are suitable for high-profile companies on the executive level. The formal requirements of the corporate environment are enhanced by the use of classically designed English furniture, crafted from selected timbers by master cabinet makers.

The impressive range includes desks, writing bureaux, bookcases, computer desks and storage units, filing cabinets, boardroom tables, a variety of office and visitor chairs and many other pieces in offices, boardrooms, executive dining rooms and reception areas. The versatility of each item of furniture is apparent in the harmonious blend created in combination with other pieces.

Our classic furniture store offers the services of an experienced design team, who will advise you on all aspects of décor and will provide full backup for future expansion.