Let Phil O’Mahony give your home or office a complete design make-over in our timeless classic style

Home design is something that is unique to every person, couple, family or business. It reflects style and personality which is important when trying to achieve a sense of comfort within a space. Phil O’Mahony Interior Design offers an elegant home design solution to those looking for classic furniture, exclusive accessories and an overall look that resembles a unique and classically-styled home or office space.

Our product offering serves a classical style while incorporating modern fabrics and exclusive furniture styles. Whilst we largely draw inspiration from classic English and classic furniture styles, we offer an overall interior design service that can incorporate various other styles.

With home design tying together each aspect within a space, Phil O’Mahony Interiors offers a full spectrum of decorating services:

  • Wall Colours
  • Upholstery Furniture
  • Drawers
  • Book Cases, TV Cabinets, Display Cabinets
  • Study and Desk
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Occasional chairs
  • Occasional desks
  • Classic furniture
  • Fine English furniture
  • Accessories

As part of our home design offering, we provide clients with a professional and highly experienced interior design service. This allows homeowners and businesses to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our design team.

Whether you are interested in a complete home design make-over, or simply wish to start with one room, both our years of expertise and a wide spectrum of product offering will assist in tastefully incorporating a classical change into your space.

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