English style furniture bedroom

English Style furniture in South Africa in 2021

English Style furniture in South Africa

Want to give your home a regal, warm, unique and classical look? Then take a look at Phil’s style of decoration.

You have probably overheard individuals discussing furniture, décor, style, and architecture. Have you ever heard someone extol the virtues of their “English Styled” home? The first and most important thing to understand about this style is that it places a premium on a deep connection to nature, coziness and supreme style.

Some people might think that the English decorating style is the heavy antique dark wood furniture. However, this is not the case with the new English home.

The majority of the modern English style’s features help create a home which is welcoming and regal. South Africa, especially Johannesburg is a dry climate and the classic English style goes amazingly in our beautiful South African homes.

With regards to décor, it is entirely up to you whether you want both modern and classic design in your home. For example, the upholstered chair is a true English invention from the 18th century. This came about from their largely poor heating systems in houses which led to a range of varied types of upholstered furniture and armchairs where the only visible wood is in the legs. Of course the new upholstered chairs are magnificent and hold true beauty timelessly. An example is the Albury wingback chair and foot stool.

English style furniture Albury Wingback

English furniture is always beautiful and timeless. These are pieces which will be handed down many generations to come. These are not the old dusty antique furniture you might find hanging out on the side of the road in antique furniture districts. These are classic, solid and magnificent pieces of furniture which make any room shine.

If you need assistance on designing a truly magnificent English home, consider talking directly to Phil O’Mahony who can design each room of your home from the wallpaper, fabrics, furnishing and more. He has over 50 years experience in the South African market.

Exclusive fabrics

Selecting an exclusive fabric for use on upholstered items such as settees, chairs, ottomans, footstools and cushions makes all the difference in the design of an interior setting. It also gives a refreshing take on the mass-produced furniture available in most stores today.

Phil O’Mahony offers a unique interior design service which incorporates the use of exclusive fabrics for both home and office. These fabrics offer a variety of designs, colours and textures, the end result of which speaks for itself – extraordinary! Most of our pieces may be viewed on our website. However, our store has been decorated in such a way that when visiting us clients get an immediate feel of how their particular interior will ultimately look.

exclusive upholstered fabrics

Beautiful exclusive upholstered fabrics


Neutral colours serve as an excellent foundation for adding additional layers of colour. This design works well with a variety of hues, from light pinks and yellows to strong reds, deep greens, and powerful purples. Bright and vivid hues are one kind of colour you should avoid.


Wallpaper, pillows, and other soft furnishings often include patterns. Botanical patterns and geometric forms are typical examples of patterns that complement a classic English design. If you select patterned wallpaper, it is often used just on the bottom part of the wall under the dado rail or on a single feature wall, such as a chimney breast. Phil O’Mahony is the leading supplier of ROMO wallcoverings in South Africa. Have a look at their website here for inspiration.


Beautiful wood is a huge influence in the traditional English style. It is used to decorate English furniture, wall trim, and other items. All our furniture is new and hand-made using traditional skills and the finest timbers such as Mahogany, Burr Walnut, Burr Elm and Yew wood. We believe that good quality furniture can always be mixed together when decorating, and different woods complement one another. Polish will also soften and blend any marks and over time give your furniture a deep glow. This glow is referred to as the patina. Patina can be defined as the surface colour and finish of the wood produced, through the age, natural wear and generations of polishing.

These beautiful pieces will enhance both modern and classic interiors. View this magnificent Breakfront Sideboard here.


Beautiful Burr Walnut with this remarkable Breakfront sideboard

Architectural elements

Classic English style architectural elements may include fireplaces, chimney breasts, cornicing, wooden carvings, pillars, beams, dado rails, and picture rails.


Fireplaces may enhance a room’s comfort and grandeur. Warmth is provided by an open log fire, while an elaborately patterned surround creates an intriguing focal point in the space. A big stone or marble fireplace and a wooden frame with a shelf enhance grandeur.


The kind of flooring found in a typical English home varies by room. Oftentimes, hallways are covered with elaborate mosaic patterns. The kitchen often has stone flagged floors, whereas the living and dining rooms frequently have parquet flooring. Rugs with complex patterns are often seen in areas such as the living room and dining room. Patterned carpets were often used in the living rooms and bedrooms of later typical English country houses.


The main material for furniture is wood, and the majority of pieces are big in contrast to contemporary furniture designs. Dark woods are often utilized in the construction of office furniture such as desks, bureaus, chests, and drawers. Textiles and upholstery are also utilized in the construction of some items of furniture, like as couches. However, they often retain their original wooden frame and feet. Dining chairs often feature upholstered seats.

English style furniture wood


Phil O’Mahony is the leading exclusive suppliers of upholstered English style furniture in South Africa.

A true example of beautiful classic furniture includes our locally manufactured upholstered William Morris Chaise Lounge. It is hand made using the finest materials, solid timbers and metal springs. No shortcuts are taken (no Rubber webbing used).

english furniture south africa

All our upholstered furniture is:

  • Custom made to measure
  • Wide selection of upholstery fabrics
  • All our settees can be customized into corner units
  • Large selection of genuine leather hides

We still offer a “Sprung Edge” Settee which is unique in this day and age, and truly enhances the comfort and luxurious feel.

All our pieces have enhanced many homes and offices over the years. We are so confident in our manufacturing process that we offer a 20-year guarantee on all upholstered frames.

Phil O’Mahony’s Factory is renowned for the skill of its people in all aspects of classic furniture making, from the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all kinds of fabric cutting and sewing expertise.

And, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery. You will find that our classic furniture making combines these skills with the best materials available, to produce long-lasting sumptuously comfortable upholstery.

The furniture frames are made from selected timbers, each dowelled, glued and screwed for trouble-free long life. The standard specification includes sprung seating for durability and comfort.

Layers of hessian, upholstery felts, high-density foam, and fibres are used to make up the arms.

All fabrics are individually hand cut and pattern matched, Cushions are made to be reversible. High-density edge profile is combined with foams, felt and fibres to form a durable but flexible seat base.

English Design Style

If you are a fan of the British countryside décor, you will undoubtedly appreciate the traditional and beautiful atmosphere created by English design style. The meticulous attention to detail makes this a one-of-a-kind and famous style that is also creating a practical and useful environment. This house renovation combines tradition and quirkiness. Whatever is “so British” is startling as well, but it is always beautiful, polished, and very comfortable.

Interiors are characterized by an extensive use of different wood essences, patterned collections, and classic colours. To begin, colour adds to the serene and peaceful environment prevalent in the United Kingdom. Utilize gray, beige, warm colours such as yellows and reds, pink, green, or blue as interior design colours and combine them with a dominating hue to create unique spatial effects. Wood is utilized for intricately carved features, primarily on furniture and walls in English style interior design.

Interior design comprises of a range of items in a variety of styles. Upholstery, upholstered couches, Chesterfield leather armchairs, mahogany furniture with brass drawer pulls, and hard wood furniture with porcelain knobs are all examples of this, flamboyant furniture painted in vibrant colours such as fuchsia, turquoise, or green, large-scale motifs, upholstered footstools, soft and large cushions, and patterns with floral motifs, and so on. Choose from the suggestions above to create an everlasting interior feel while renovating your family rooms in a classic English design style.

English style furniture bedroom

Authentic English style bedroom


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